Take physic, pomp

Today’s new listing, Riva Gold Corp (RIV.v)

It’s called Riva, its ticker is RIV.v, once the recent placement is done it’ll have 46.1m shares out (the placement was at 50c, with a half warrant at 75c to give you an idea…it raised something over $3m to get the company rolling).
The company gameplan? Explore Guyana. RIV.v has a bunch of land put together and it’s going to do its exploration thing. As for the people behind it, RIV.v is being run by the dudes that made Ventana Gold (VEN.to) into 2009’s wild success, so expect thankful VEN shareholders to trust in this team enough to throw money at RIV.v. Also, the Can of Corn is running this show, so expect the promo to be slicker than slick (be that a good or bad thing..you be the judge).
So anyway, RIV.v starts trading in exactly thirty minutes from the time of writing this post so don’t say you weren’t given a headsup. Disclosure: no position.

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