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Torex Gold (TXG.to): Police and locals rescue some of the hostages

Suddenly it’s 18 people taken on Friday, not 12. And there are still conflicting reports on just how many employees of Torex Gold (TXG.to) were hostages (the report I’m linking to here says 12 total, not the four reported by the company last night). But there’s good news to report now as a police operation has managed to liberate 10 of the 18. Here’s what’s probably the most factual news report doing the rounds right now (there are others) and here a translation of the main parts.

During an operation this morning, community police officers from the Nuevo Balsas and la Fundición towns freed ten of the 18 people kidnapped by members of the La Familia narco gang. 

Six people, among them a contract worker from the Media Luna mine and a woman were taken to the Nuevo Balsas and la Fundición health centre and four others managed to escape by hitting one of the hijackers. However, one of them was injured in the fight and stayed on the hill (where they were being held) while the other three victims managed to escape.

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