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Torex (TXG.to): The mine is still closed, here’s why

It’s getting interesting for Torex (TXG.to), as the local community hit hardest by last weekend’s kidnapping don’t agree with Fred Stanford’s opinion that it has “nothing to do with the mine”. In short, the locals have blockaded the Media Luna mine gates since last weekend (the local name for the TXG operation) and are not letting it open until the gang leader and the two people still kidnapped by him are found. They’re not happy with the efforts of authorities and want more done. This report does the latest development justice, here’s a bit of translation for you:

Communities give ultimatum to Guerrero Government

During a meeting with Guerrero authorities and the Media Luna mine, community protection groups from Real de Limón, Nuevo Balsas and la Fundición said that if the leader of the La Familia Michoacana narco gang, Uriel Wences, weren’t captured the company would remain closed.

Iguala: Members of the Real de Limón, Nuevo Balsas and la Fundición community protection groups gave an ultimatum to the State government and the Media Luna mine to capture the leader of the La Familia Michoacana narco gang, Uriel Wences, alias La Burra, and the two kidnapped people who are still captives, because if not the company will remain closed.

During a meeting with Guerrero authorities, the municipal president of Cocula César Miguel Peñaloza Santana and directors of the mining company whose doors were closed yesterday by locals  due to the kidnapping of 18 people last weekend, the communities demanded that soldiers from the Mexican army and Federal Police join the search for the two missing people.

“What we want is that they bring in two helicopters and Mexican soldiers, as well as Federal Police to keep looking for our two community members. The soldiers shouldn’t stay on the highways, but move into the hills with us”, demanded the community members.

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