Take physic, pomp

Totally obvious things that cannot be written….

……. on this blog without getting hatemail and unsub notifications from morons:

  • Jim Sinclair is a charlatan. It’s true, he is. He’s a bipolar stopped clock that revels in his cult of personality and is dangerous to the health of your back pocket. That goes for all the others in the ‘to da moon Alice’ gold rah rah club, too.
  • Climate change is happening. It’s true, it really is happening, folks. It’s easy to deny when you live in those bands of the world called the temperate zones, but it really, really is happening. Feel free to debate on the ‘whys’ of the matter, but don’t ignore the bleeding obvious, please.
  • The US dollar isn’t going to zero. For one thing……just one thing of many…..the US has a veritable shitload of nuclear weapons. Think about it.
  • Silver is not going to 25 or 35 or 100 dollars per ounce, however much that religious idiot Hommel might try to con you otherwise.
  • Barack Obama is not a Socialist. Gimme a freakin’ break here! Come on down this neck of the woods and find out what the word really means. Obama is about as Socialist as Augusto Pinochet and is in the process of killing just as many human beings, too. In the name of peace and democracy, of course.
You can’t point out that only 13% of the citizens of the USA hold a valid passport without getting its population offended by facts, either. Discuss.

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