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Trading Post ($1000/oz edition)

So gold goes through $1000/oz. I didn’t think it would get here on this direct push, being one of those wishy-wishy “needs to consolidate” people with no gumption or whatever. Anything with the words gold or silver in the name is up, basically.

Citigroup (C) down 28.69% at U%1.79. You think I don’t follow things up there? I know Vikram Pandit is still there, my only question is “why?”. I look at C and all the banking sector and can’t help wondering about immediate deflationary risk soaring. Call me an old humbug if you like…

Cosan (CZZ) down 5% at U$3.40 today. Here’s a nice brief research note on sugar published today by a bunch of Germans in suits. It’s very good, in fact, and thanks to RS for passing it on. Recommended reading and another way of seeing why your humble correspondent likes the sector going forward…esp CZZ.

Kinross (KGC) up 4.5% at U$18.92. Mailer RC today took issue with my claim that K’s 4th quarter sucked. Well that’s ok, we can cut’n’slice the numbers in different ways. From the action today K is enjoying the gold bounce like all the others, so WTFDIK, anyway? Hey, I still nailed the drop yesterday before the bell, RC….can’t take that away 😉

Dynasty (DMM.to) up 9% at $5.56. w00t! w00t go! go!. The same mailer RC everso slightly chided me for lightening DMM.to in two places on the way up, too. Don’t worry dude…I still got plenty on board. Gravy time!

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