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Trading Post (baby boom bishop edition)

Minefinders (MFN) up 5.3% at $7.31. As you should know by now, I’m selling a new NOBS report on MFN as of today. Here’s a reply I got from a regular reader who has his copy already. Hopefully it might spur you into getting your order in, too.I just read the MFN NOBS and I have got to say that you really illuminated the issues with the locals. That was some very valuable analysis that went to the next level. And, yeah, you can promo with that because it is true.”

Find out more about the MFN report and how to order (only ten bucks!) on this link right here.

Capella Resources (KPS.v) up 7.35% at $0.73. The stock traded 5,400 shares at 73c at the bell, then the ask dropped to $0.68…then suddenly it traded another 1k @ 73! Whatever makes you think that the vomitworthy scam artist Bachman and his scam company are in cahoots with a crooked Canadian broker, Otto?*

Dynasty (DMM.to) up 2.8% at $4.72 on low volumes. Nice news out on DMM this morning, with the Ecuador gov’t saying “basically approved, guys” to the company. There are some more papers to rubberstamp but it’s all formality stuff from here. I like a lot, I own, I’m a ton ahead on the deal, I’m still holding. So DYODD, dude.

The Dow (DJIA) down 3.11% at 7878. What is this Hope of which you speak, gringo?

Fronteer (FRG) down 1.9% at $2.07. This is the main focus of my attention today, as it’s now a losing position (my average is a teeny tad above $2.15, for the record). It’s one of those situations where you know it’s dirt, dirt cheap and the temptation to add again is strong. But on the other hand I do not (repeat 100 times do not) want to start eating too far into the cash position at this point in this vicious bear market. So the upshot is that I’m not adding any further right now. I bought FRG cheaply ($2.25) and then I added at very cheap ($2.10), but very very cheap is not the place….if I added more it’ll be at total-madness-ridiculous-crazy cheap and that’s further down in the weak hands panic zone. But please be clear that these are my own personal circumstances on the stock. Yours may be different and the price on offer is the right one for you. It’s certainly a great company and a solid investment over the longer term.

*yes, that’s sarcasm

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