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Trading Post (back in the swing edition)

Consumer confidence, eh? Good stuff this Hope™…that Hawaiian should bottle and brand it.

Gold Reserve (GRZ) down 7.5% at $0.58 and we’re all waiting for Doug Belanger to announce something like “Well, I’m just going to roll over, acquiesce to the Venezuelans, resign my post immediately, forego my right to a fat pension because it’s shameful being a miner that hasn’t actually mined anything apart from your pockets for the last dozen years or so and not even consider the possibility of a long, drawn out legal action that will see me milk the shareholders for the next five years.” Beckett’s Waiting for Godot springs to mind, for some reason.

Vena Resources (VEM.to) up a penny at 31c and bits of volume too. My spideysenses say it’s got higher to go on this movement. I own. I like. I like a lot, in fact.

Linear Gold (LRR.to) up 24% at $1.50 cos they’ve finally managed to spend their cash and get hands on a gold project they might even be abe to get past local permitting stage. It seems a very large jump for this size of property, in Canada or not. So when I saw the LRR news I thought about……..

Kobex Resources (KBX.v) UNCH a $0.355, because it too has a heap of cash, no property and is looking for a gold project to have fun with. As the company is currently trading under net cash value it’s a place you might consider for a punt, but DYODD first, dude.

Troy Resources down 2.3% at $1.30 and the interesting arbitrage opportunity is back. Even though TRY.to has had a good week or so it’s still lagging behind the more liquid Aussie listing. At A$1.57 it implies the Toronto listing should be trading at C$1.38. But hey..both prices are cheap compared to where it’s going in the next six months.

Rusoro (RML.v) down 1% at $0.445. Whatever makes you think there’s some sort of price suppression going on?

Move along now…nothing to see here….

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