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Trading Post (back to the diggers edition)

Minera Andes (MAI.to) up 21% at $0.59. Well, I did say it was now in play, no? The five day chart gives graphic evidence of how the stock has suddenly woken up from its slumber, price and volume-wise.

Rusoro (RML.v) UNCH at $0.74
and halted less than an hour ago. GRZ halted, too. I’m presuming this is about the judgement on Gold Reserve’s (GRZ) injunction to stop the RML.v bid ahead. Time will tell.

Metanor (MTO.v) down 5% at $0.57. Gary dude, you nailed that trade. Volume light.

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) up 8% at $1.08. Time to take profits again, folks. If you got those sub 0.90 prices I talked about ring the register on the ST play. $0.83 to $1.08 = 30% win. I’d take that for a week’s worth of fun in a bear market. Volume light today.

Troy Resources (TRY.to) UNCH at $0.92. Just cos I haven’t mentioned this for a couple of weeks doesn’t mean it’s out of love. Be clear; this is my number one best pick in the LatAm gold mining world for 2009. I’d also like to share with you the following. I exchanged mails with reader RS last night, and he gave me permission to reprint part of one of his mails in the blog here today. Here’s his view on recent TRY.to action in Canada:

I have been watching the bid/offer on the TSX and #1 anonymous house appears to have have been working the stock and until recently seems to be willing to keep a 90s cap on the price. Not sure if it’s just some arbitrage program between the TSX/ASX differential. Today #7 TD appeared more willing to visibly be involved on the buy however volumes are slight at best.

About a dozen times over the past couple of week I have sometimes added to the weak visible offer that sometimes is present 5 or 6 cents above the bid. More times than not my move is immediately met with a newer lower and usually smaller offer stepped down to next lower visible layer, the majority of times by #1 anon. house. The designated mkt. maker #84 isn’t a factor other than to dish off the odd lots.

Trivia in one sense however I think the more interesting thing is that it appears that even though cdn. trading is extremely shallow there is some underlying interest lurking. I think you are onto something with your pick.


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