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Trading Post (ballet class edition)

Fortuna Silver (FVI.to) up 7.0% at $3.20 on 6X average volumes, an acceptable day’s trading.
Constitution Mining (CMIN.ob) down 17.0% at $0.39. On a day that spot gold racks up a new all time high, you can reasonably assume the market is telling you something basic about this company today.
Vena Resources (VEM.to) up 9.5% at $0.23. We’ve been talking about the tough time this company has been going through (marketwise at least) in the last couple of editions of the Weekly, but these last two trading sessions are looking like marking something of a turnaround. Today’s pleasing pop has come on the back of very solid volumes, too. More in IKN72, subbers.
Minefinders (MFN) up 6.2% at U$10.57. I was accused of bias against MFN in my mailbox this morning. And yeah, I am. I’m biased against underachieving companies that get pumped to the unaware by all normal channels neck-deep in sweetheart options and warrants. I’m biased against miners with pisspoor track records who’ll most likely  keep on promising the earth and keep on screwing up and saying “oh, but it’ll be all right next qaurter…pretty promise!” I’m biased against a company that manages to tear a freakin’ big rip in its heap leach tarp after just one year of use! I’m biased against paid pumpers who’ll whore their writing for a few pieces of silver. So yes, I’m biased. Got a problem with that?

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