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Trading Post (bargain edition)

Fronteer (FRG) (FRG.to) down 5.3% at U$2.14. I put a stink bid in at $2.10 this morning and it filled. So what if Au and Ag go down further? This is cheap, cheap, cheap and I love the risk/reward equation here and now. SO HEAR THIS: I’m now selling a NOBS report on Fronteer for U$10 at the usual PayPal payment address, otto.rock1 (AT) gmail (dot) com. You send money and I send report back to you immediately. Fair deal?

Dia Bras (DIB.v) up a penny at $0.07. If you like your high risk and high reward pennycrappers, take a good look at DIB.v. Methin ks the rounds of financing are now over, judging at least by this PR today that smacks of “we’re all in, let’s start feeding ’em the good news”. I repeat, the recent fund that has bought a third of DIB.v shares is run by smart cookies who really know their mining.

Minera Andes (MAI.to) down a penny at $0.65. MAI.to is keeping its head whil all around lose theirs. Very interesting and encouraging PPS action today. McEwen is in the big apple all week giving it the promo talkup. We like McEwen.

Cosan (CZZ) up 10% at $3.85. Some guy wrote this morning to point out I’d sold too early. I refer him to Baruch who said “I made my fortune by selling to early”. I made my money and I’m happy if you’re still long and making yours.

Dynasty (DMM.to) down 5.3% at $4.62. Ouch. The silver lining is that I was expecting it.

Exeter (XRA) (XRC.v) down 5.1% at U$2.59. Oh dear. How sad.

Freeport (FCX) down 3.4% at $41.32. FCX is very shortable from here. So shortable, in fact, that I’ve just put an order in to short it for a few. Short-term trade. Great great company, but putting my money where my bearish copper mouth is for a change. DYODD.

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