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Trading Post (basic instinct edition)

Suddenly the world loves base metals. Go figure.

The copper sisters doing it in style, with both FCX and PCU up 9% (give or take a click). Not surprising that these guys are leading the way. I love SinkingAlpha…what a great contrary indicator.

Breakwater (BWR.to) is only technically LatAm but worth a mention as it’s a great way to leverage to Zn. BWR.to is up a big bunch (56% right now at $0.18). BWR.to did a royalty deal just before xmas that gives it working capital to play with. Check the 52wk high on this and see just how far it’s fallen. One for nimble traders, methinks.

Colossus Minerals (CSI.to) up 23% at $1.05. Albatross or not, the suspected relief rally has happened. It was just before the holidays that I wondered if it was worth revisiting. It’d be nice to claim magnificent insight for that change of mind, but I can’t because I still think this thing is untouchable for LT investors and your humble correspondent will be posting as to why in the next few days. Watch this space.

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) up 8% at $0.75 and also getting a boost from the love shown in zinc and lead (and silver too, i spose). This stock is still way below its NAV and i think it’ll revalue towards 1.0X NAV once the market realizes it’s still a healthy company, no matter the low prices for its wares compared to 2008. Remember FVI.v is a site sponsor here so be sure to DYODD (true for all things mentioned here, of course).

Troy Resources (TRY.to) up 11% at C$1.00. It’s going nicely, but it’s also going nicely without me so far. Humph….the price of honesty. Nah, not bitter…I’m glad a few readers got on board this one. Plenty more to come imho, folks. I may even bite the bullet and open my position at these prices today, especially considering the strong action in Australia last night.

Last but not least, Capstone Mining (CS.to) up 10% today, the base metals play that was mentioned earlier this week. It’s the right size and with the right costs make-up to get good leverage from any BM upmove. Here’s the five day chart that might not be as spectacular as BWR.to but it’s still very cool; a win is a win.

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