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Trading Post (be vewy qwiet ‘am huntin’ wabbit edition)

Today is, of course, the day we celebrate when US senator and racist homophobe Jesse Helms tried and failed to stop his country from celebrating the life of Martin Luther King. Helms’ 16 days of filibustering in 1983 came to naught and the country now gets one of its better commemorative holidays. It also means the US markets are closed and rest of the world doesn’t have a clue which way to trade, so volumes are featherlight.

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) up 7% at $1.07. It had to rise the trading day after Otto sez “take profits”. Stands to reason. I still say it’s close to a ceiling at present metals prices and although the company is a fine and solid thing there’s more value to be found in other places now.

Dynasty Metals (DMM.to) up 5.3% at $3.95. This really is working out quite well. Not selling the trading position (and definitely not selling any of the others bought at the low prices). This now has plenty more to climb and I’m holding onto every single share. Correa and his government keep saying all the right things about the mining. Remember that tomorrow is the big anti-mining demostration day in Ecuador so expect the headlines to go against the workers for at least 24 hours. Just let it pass, as there won’t be any policy change at all. If Ecuador exposed stocks sell off, consider it a gilt-edged buying opportunity.

Exeter Resources (XRC.v) up 8% at $2.65. On top of dubious assets and scammy mgmt, today let’s add another good reason why you should avoid this company. Doug Casey is now pumping it. If it reaches $3 it might even become a possible short Chez Otto, but if not it’s easily avoidable. The Cerro Moro property in South Argentina could become good but that Caspiche thing in the heights of Chile is a dog. Too much risk, not enough reward. For somebody else.

Amerigo Resources (ARG.to) up 15% at $0.38. The chart on this Chile copper play has the look of haing put in its bottom. TA mumbojumbo, i know, but consider it a headsup. Smart mgmt team at ARG.to and costs are reportedly down substantially.

Dia Bras (DIB.v) UNCH at $0.07. This is another headsup on a company that seems to be coming back to life thanks to cash injections. The downside is the dilution that comes along with the cash. The new people on board are as sharp as they come. Check the latest company PRs yourself and DYODD, dude.

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