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Trading Post (beautiful future edition)

Gold Hawk (CGK.v) UNCH at 5.5c and it’s great to see the stock moving up and trading at 6c yesterday and today. Those who were courageous to buy at 2.5 and 3c (or even less) are sitting on pretty wins now. I spoke with the helpful and efficient IR man Mercier yesterday and the mood eminating from the company is very optimistic. A bit of working cap and these guys are off to the races. DYODD.

Minera Andes (MAI.to) up 11.5% at $0.68 with the ask now at 70c. And about time too! This kind of jump on a Friday with no other news smacks of a popular newsletter reco’ing to its flock. Whatever..I’ll take it. If I see 70c I’ll sell my small position and take the profit, as recent purchases have left me lower on cash than I’d like. Be clear that any sale would be purely personal housekeeping and in no way a reflection of this great little undervalued company.

Rusoro (RML.v) up 6% at $0.53 as people snap up some cheapie stock. I’m not bought in yet and still want to see RML come back to 50c before buying…like I said, ain’t gonna chase it.

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) up 6% at $0.88 on a very healthy “no sellers” lull after three days of high volumes. I’ve just got off the phone with FVI and from what they are allowed to tell me (they’re reporting mid May and by law cannot give too much away) I can easily deduce that they are going to report a strong 1q09. Also, the new copper circuit is now up and in the testing phase, with copper already having been recovered and full commissioning bang on schedule for May.

So what with the quick FVI.v rebound from the sheep sell off, readers of this humble corner availing themselves of the discount and strong news for Fortuna in the pipeline, it’s now time to award this week’s coveted award. No surprises that Doug Casey is this week’s recipient. All yours, dumbass:

Took the profits on MAI.to @ 70c. DYODD

UPDATE 2: FVI just dropped and is trading $0.82! Gotta laugh. I’m bidding at 8oc and may get lucky and add some more.

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