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Trading Post (better red than dead edition)

It’s a downday for junior miners. Low volume trading all around, too. Live with it.

Amarillo Gold (AGC.v) UNCH at $1.03 but with ask now at $0.98. The good run on low volume seen yesterday isn’t getting much in the way of confirmation today. Your humble scribe exchanged views on AGC with a couple of people after the bell yesterday and the consensus is clear: Needs more volume.

ECU Silver (ECU.to) down 9.6% at $0.75. Yeah well, what did you expect?

TheNewCrystallex (EC.v) up 13.3% at $0.47 and true to its moniker, there’s some OOOOHH WOOOW SPECIAL SECRET INSIDE INFORMATION GOING AROUND!!!! Oh my, what could possibly go wrong? Avoid like the plague.

South American Silver (SAC.to) up 1.9% at $0.53 and at a new year’s high. Though you have to wonder if these levels will be sustainable when the market gets to hear about the new Evo Morales mining plan for the years 2010 to 2015 which will make all new mining projects a 50/50 JV with the state. Also applies to ORV.v, APE.v, EEL.v and any number of other Bolivia exposed juniors.

Fronteer Development (FRG) down 5.9% at U$4.17 and currently taking a small chunk from your author’s net worth. So be it; not selling so not worried.

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