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Trading Post (blowhard edition)

Baja Mining (BAJ.to) up 29% at $0.33 on this news reported last night. Yep, it’s the kind of positive that’s worth the revaluation we’ve seen today, but I’m sticking to my October 29th call on the stock. If there’s nobody out there that’s willing to finance your project, it matters not if you need $500m or $50m. Still, worth adding back to your radar. The cobalt byproduct is fun.

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) down 4.2% at $0.91. This drop cannot possibly be anything to do with the illustrious and worldover-renowned Bob Moriarty. It should be clear by now that he has never been involved with any short-term pumping operation in his entire investment life.

Cosan (CZZ) down 8.7% at $2.63. It got whacked to $2.50 at the bell this morning on a BofA call that cut the stock to underweight on the CZZ debt burden. I know I’m long here and I know I have a vested interest, but this is only really news in the English language. Everybody connected with the Bovespa knows the story with the CZZ debt and I believe BofA is way late to the party on this call. DYODD. At a $2.45 buy avg I’m still on the right side here, but it’s not the same as the $3+ numbers being printed last week. Ho hum, I’m holding thru (but a stop-loss is set).

Great Panther (GPR.to) up 6.4% at $0.415. I hope you didn’t buy any at $0.45 this morning. Its results PR is one for Canadian mining IR dep’ts to study with admiration. I recommend they read it and ask themselves, “Can we be that brazen, too?” Strange how they left the net profit figure off the release, innit? Well, perhaps actually making money is inconsequential stuff for a producing miner after all.

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