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Trading Post (BOHICA edition)

You knew it was going to happen, didn’t you? That unavoidable BOHICA* moment comes around and we watch gains flushed down the water closet on a gold downdraft. Well, if it’s any consolation at least we can laugh as the dogstocks dive harder than our own holdings.

Dynasty Metals (DMM.to) down 0.5% at $3.92 and was down as far as $3.80 this morning. Y’see, being open and straight with shareholders works really well, Washer. Try doing it more often, yeah?

Minera Andes (MAI.to) up 3.7% at 84c and a nice splash of green among the red on my screen today. Volumes are pretty good, too. According to production reports this thing must be coining it in with silver where it is this quarter. DYODD, dude.

Amarillo Gold (AGC.v) UNCH at 90c and good to see this thing putting in a strong one on a down day. This company is the new reco in The IKN Weekly, by the way. It’s already up 11% since the first shout and the NOBS fundamental report yesterday was all about the inner workings of the company. Looks good to me. DYODD (or better, subscribe to the service AND DYODD).

Nadagold (NG) down 4.5% at U$4.93. Another three bucks lopped off the PPS and this dog might be at fair value. More insider selling and slushy stock options deals for management registered today….like that’s different, isn’t it?

*Bend Over Here It Comes Again

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