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Trading Post (caught dat pesky wabbit edition)

Dynasty Metals (DMM.to) up 10.4% at $4.97. I took a few profits on a pre-programmed sale at $5 this morning. I didn’t sell many, just a few in my normal “we’re in a bear market” prudent portfolio management that you might be used to by now if you read on a regular basis (hope you do). Good to see the marekt waking up and smell the coffee about DMM.to. Volume average to good. The NOBS report is still available on DMM.to. Also, the report on my top pick for 2009, TRY.to is available, too (plug plug).

Ventana Gold (VEN.to) up 19% at $1.25 and doing very well. I’m glad to say that at least one regular reader jumped on in the 60s when I mused that it was going higher. I’ll be writing a longer post on VEN.to later today…perhaps tomorrow morning.

Gold Reserve (GRZ) down 24% at U$0.78. Look I said it was pretty obvious that it would fold in on itself in pyrrhic style when the market woke up. Well today the market woke up. I got out at the right time. Meanwhile “that other stock” that neighbours GRZ in KM88 is up on idiotic speculation. A fool and his money……….

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) down 5.4% at $1.04 after hitting $1.19 this morning. Don’t know why? Find out here cos I nailed that trade. DYODD, dude.

Minera Andes (MAI.to) up 53% at $0.75 and having a special day. I posted on it this morning and my cap is still doffed. McEwen 1, Hochschild 0.

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