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Trading Post (chikkin dinnah edition)

Where do we start today? Yeah, let’s start with “highest ever price for gold in US dollars” then the rest kind of falls into place, does it not? Yes indeedy, it’s another one of those “I could pick a thousand to mention” days today so forgive me if yours isn’t here. You know how it is, I’m terribly biased and unfair about it all.

Radius Gold up 12.5% at $0.23 and yes you know it’s true.

Amarillo Gold (AGC.v) up 12.7% at $0.80 and we can expect newsflow to begin soon. Undervalued goldie in Brazil…dudes, they’ll need somebody to supply metal for the 2016 medals, right?

Ventana Gold (VEN.to) down 3.8% at $8.20 and has more action in the last two days than many stocks see in a year. Check out the 1 minute chart:
Imminent financing, anyone?

Crown Point Ventures (CWV.v) up 34% at $0.67 and yes you know it’s true. Volumes haven’t been great but apart from that there’s little to complain about, is there? Subscribers can expect a further update on this stock tonight with further thoughts and gleaned information.

Petaquilla Minerals (PTQ.to) down 1.4% at $0.355. Hahaahaaaaaaaa, the stock is dead. Broken. Finished. Just seeing this thing in red on the day gold hits its all-time high has justice written all over my screen. Moral; play nice or suffer eventually. Fifer Fail.

Here come the small silver producers: Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) up 6.3% at $1.51, First Majestic (FR.to) up 7.7% at $2.79, Endeavour Silver (EDR.to) up 5.8% at $3.11, Great Panther (GPR.to) up 18.7% at $0.89. GPR and its high cash cost lead the field today, it’s that leverage thing again. I’m still uncomfortable with GPR and will always prefer FVI., intraday stellar gain or not. BTW, the arch-dog ECU.to isn’t on the list because it’s not an official producer and if you want to argue that point you’re a dumbass about mining.

Let’s add one more small silver to the list, US Silver (USA.v) up 14.8% at $0.155 on good volumes. Again, high cash cost is the factor in play so again this stock having an eyecatching day. I know smart people who like this one. I like smart people cos they be smarter than me. DYODD.

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