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Trading Post (copper dropper edition)

Vena Resources (VEM.to) down 5% at $0.28. VEM has been consolidating nicely at the 27c to 30c trading range and if weaker hands sell into a lowball bid it gets snapped right back up immediately. Once again it’s important to note that the real action in this stock is happening in Lima and Germany, not Toronto. For example, of the 200,000+ shares traded today, only 33k have been done in Canada. All it needs is a nice PR or two to go higher and Otto’s spideysenses are tingling on that score already. DYODD.

Chariot Resources (CHD.to) up 3.5% at $0.30 but was up way higher (35.5c) before spot copper finally broke down thru $2/lb. CHD.to finally..FINALLY published its 43-101 compliant feasibility study today. I wasn’t surprised to see very robust numbers and it looks good. Capex is higher than I expected, but it’s still low compared to peers thanks to the local infrastructure already in place. IRR at $2/lb is 20%, the company didn’t cut corners on discount to NPV, break even calculated at Cu $1.52/lb, etc etc. I’ll be doing a NOBS report update on this stock soon (but currently have other reports to get finished) but in the meanwhile, watch out for word from Tom Meyer of Raymond James, as he knows CHD.to better than most anyone and is a good analyst.

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) up a penny at $0.84. I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never going to keep me down. Good looking volume and the lowest price of the last 72 hours, $0.79, lasted about a minute. I’m also happy to note that the dude who bought that 79c is a reader of the blog (he mailed me). Let’s be clear here; any price under 90c is a bargain. Buy now, sell ’em over a loonie, bag yourself an easy 20%. Better that you get the profit than Duggieboy, that’s for sure.

Rusoro (RML.v) up 4% at $0.50. Yes, there’s all the hoohah over the courtroom battle lost. Yes there’s the Venezuela factor. Yes the Canadian miners’ chattering class (if that’s not an oxymoron) has got it in for the ooga booga Russkies. But when all is said and done, money talks and BS walks. Otto thinks that the next quarterly report, due out next week or so (date unconfirmed) will show RML.v to be a profitable and growing gold miner that’s trading way below its true value. I think this thing is a buy right here with a three or four week holding period for those who would take the quicker profit. DYODD, dude.

Colossus Minerals (CSI.to) up 6% at $2.60. There ain’t nothing like sitting back and watching the Canadian House hype machine move into high gear. Yet again reminded of that saying “Ahh, retail..the crop that never fails.” Seriously, you guys are impressive. Crooked, but impressive.

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