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Trading Post (Cruel Reality edition)

So I actually get a mail from a cyberpal about an hour ago saying that I shouldn’t talk the way I talked in that currency rant post earlier this morning. Something about how politics and business don’t mix, and how I might put people off visiting here and by being insensitive I might stunt the growth of the blog, y’see.

So let’s make it clear; I’d rather close the blog down right now than to pander to an audience that is currently sitting in a recession of their own making specifically because they couldn’t face facts and just swallowed whole all the lies they were fed. I’m just a dude with a blog, take it or leave it, read it or don’t. If you don’t like the politics and like the stock picks, don’t read the politics. If you just too shocked and offended, don’t come back. Sometimes I’m right about things and sometimes I’m wrong, but don’t ever expect an apology from me for trying to treat you as adults.

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) UNCH at $1.06. Fortuna got a dose of solid, good fundamental news today. Its deal to buy out Continuum Resources (CNU.v) has been approved by the CNU.v shareholders, so just a rubber stamp or two and the job is done. The market has clearly discounted that this would happen, as no pop recorded.

Ventana Gold (VEN.to) up 18% at $1.12 and popping again after a short consolidation period. Very strong volume recorded today. I like this company so far. Doing things the right way.

Vale (RIO) down 0.9% at $12.82. What’s that splitting, cracking sound I can hear in the distance? It sounds like a tree that’s been axed and is just about the start falling. What could it be? OH, IT’S VALE! Check the Brazil action to see what I mean, not the ADR.

Dynasty Metals (DMM.to) down 3.9% at $4.90, unsurprising due to the weakness in gold. There’s somebody painting the tape at the end of the last two days, too. Volumes low.

Aquiline (AQI.to) UNCH at $2.61 on low volumes. Have you seen the way this thing has traded the last five days?
When a company has serious and persistent buyout rumours floating around its head, this kind of spike often happens out of nowhere. Whispery rumours and all that jazz. I’ve already posted all that I know on AQI. DYODD, dude.

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