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Trading Post (cursing local utility companies edition)

Aaaaaaaargh!!! Could have got DMM.to at $1.30 all day if I’d been connected here!! Not only that, a good trader friend bought at the intraday bottom and mailed me to thumb his nose, too!!! ARRRRRGGGGGH. Now C$1.35 and the question is whether to chase the price or no…or put another way, “Which wrong decision shall I make this time?”

FCX down 1% and off a buck since this morning. At least I had fun doing the grocery shopping downtown while you guys were staring at the ticker. Now that the office has electricity supply and there’s 30 minutes left of the trading day I’ve just put in a stink bid for a few FCX.

The Dow dumped. What a surprise. You should be selling these spikes…well, at least until CNBC tells you that buy’n’hold is dead, then we might get a real rally (or is it too late? 🙂

JAG was doing well, now it isn’t. At $2.27 I’m in the green, just about covering commish and a cup of coffee….and a slice of apple pie.

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