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Trading Post (dog day edition)

Some broker named anonymous just sold 222,200 shares of DMM.to to another broker named anonymous at $1.55. Nice to see this doing well today. All the Ecuador exposed miners doing ok; check out CTQ.to and even the beaten-to-death CGP.v (reco’d by Casey as a pennycrapper recently…but that’s probably bad, not good).

So Rusoro (RML.v) decides to offer three shares of itself to buy another gold miner in Venezuela. That’s different…they’ve never tried that one before. Quite rightly this cash-poor wannabe empire has had the stuffing knocked out of its stock. Down 28% at $0.26…quite right too. Avoid like the plague. Meanwhile GRZ is at $0.55, which is about right considering RML.v all share offer now calculates at U$62 and bits.

Soltoro (SOL.v) is one I’ve looked at recently, as it gets a free exploration ride thanks to the Sumitomo JV at its ‘La Tortuga’ property in Mexico. Up today on good volume, but most of that was a single block at 0.04c still in the pennies-per-stock at 0.05. It’s worth running the ruler over this microdot. Cash is a problem, but it can limp by for a while as burn rate is low. DYODD. The projects have that “hey, this might even work” feel about them.

Nadagold (NG) up a cool 83% at $1.41. Reminds me of the recent action in SIL and it should remind you, too. Just two other stocks to avoid like the plague, as you can only win if you guess (no other word will do) right and go when the manipulators go (and stop when they stop). Not a serious option. If you like stocks like these, go to Las Vegas and play the tables. The shows are better and they serve you free drinks.

Meanwhile in the world of serious junior miners worth your time, site sponsore (so DYODD, dude) Fortuna (FVI.v) is up 5% at $0.70. Fair volume, too.

And just to clear up a couple of wild and totally false accusations that have been thrown at me this morning, the last time I was long KRY I bot at $2.90 and sold at $4.50 and that was way back when. Both position changes were recorded publicly. This year I shorted the stock a little bit and made a little bit (from 1.15 or so to 0.80 or so on a very small position, but I’d need to check receipts to be absolutely accurate). But recently I’ve just watched. If you have something else to say about that say it to my mailbox, not via some crummy anonymous post. Also, I do not own GRZ. Finally, I’ve never tried to hide my real identity, as posts on site here stand as witness. I really don’t think anybody cares that much anyway, and that’s what it says on my profile. I realize that people don’t like being told how wrong they are, but don’t resort to libellous activities to bolster failing egos. It shows a distinct lack of class.

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