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Trading Post (driller killer edition)

Fronteer (FRG) down 1.75 at U$4.11 and pretty typical of all junior action out there today, with the stock starting higher and trending lower on lowish volumes. I can see a dozen other charts with the same design on my radar today. Some days are better than others…that’s all.

Imperial Metals (III.to) up 40.6% at $8.54 after its NR after the bell last night that announced a monster drill return at its BC project

Total Interval Interval Interval

Drill                Length     from       To   Length  Copper Gold Silver
Hole #    Zone           (m)      (m)      (m)      (m)      %  g/t    g/t

RC09-349  East       1150.6    390.0    927.5    537.5    0.86 0.99   1.14
                              866.6    919.9     53.3    1.83 2.62   2.60
RC09-350  East  in progress    390.0    715.0    325.0    2.24 4.52   5.28
                              540.0    692.5    152.5    4.12 8.83  10.45

152.5m of 4.1% copper and 8.8g/t gold? Yeah, that works.

Oro Silver (OSR.v) up 23.5% at $0.215 but was as high as $0.285 early this morning. For the record I bought a small chunk at 23c as a pure roll-da-bones punt. Not much $ in play and I’ll let it ride a few days to see what happens.

Let’s do the small silver producers: Fortuna (FVI.v) down 2.3% at $1.74, Endeavour (EDR.to) down 4.8% at $3.37, First Majestic (FR.to) down 3.9% at $3.48, Great Panther (GPR.to) down 2.6% at $0.75, Impact (IPT.v) down 3.6% at $0.80, US Silver (USA.v) down 2.8% at $0.175. And adding one to the list from here on Excellon (EXN.to) down 6.3% at $0.60. EXN.to might be off today but it has put a decent run on in the last two months and its latest quarter production numbers were pretty sparkly. Of all that lot, I only own FVI. DYODD

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