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Trading Post (early edition)

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) showing strength today, up 9% at $0.71. The cream will rise eventually.
Troy Resources (TRY.to) up a couple of notches at $0.90. Don’t pay too much if you want in (and I’m not just saying that because I’m not bot in myself yet). The best method is to watch the overnight price in Australia (TRY.ax) and then do the necessary forex calaculation. The last time I looked, one loonie was worth A$1.2, so the person who paid $1.00 got scalped by the crooks-in-suits at the TSX. Be long this thing but don’t chase the price, either. DYODD.

Gold Reserve (GRZ) up 4% at $0.77. GRZ has followed RML.v up as the RusskyGold has shot forward on some strange share buying action (Me, cynical? Nah….). Anyway, the 3-for-1 deal RML.v offering puts a current theoretical price tag on GRZ of U$1.65. Then factor in the presumed dilution in RML.v after the deal goes through (if it goes thru) and it seems there is still potential upside in GRZ from here. I’m still saying “avoid” on the whole deal, but I’m happy at least for one person I know in NYC who’s made good from the GRZ relief rally. Fortune favours the brave, sir.

Apex Silver (SIL) down 37% at $0.81. Message to one person (that’s advice for everyone); don’t even look at it. Avoid avoid avoid. Thinking this is an investment is the same as thinking slot machines are an asset class.

Candente (DNT.to) at $0.17, Chariot (CHD.to) at $0.10, Los Andes Copper (LA.v) at $0.05. The more I think abut the Corriente (CTQ.to) exclusive takeover takedown takeaway deal and then reflect on how cheap other large regional copper juniors are right now (e.g. the three above), the more I think that CTQ.to is not the place to be right now. Either that or the three stocks above are raging buys right now. Either way, it’s hardly a seller’s market in copper juniors, no matter how closely held CTQ.to stock is or how patient its management may be. The bottom line is that imho $3.80 for CTQ.to is just too high for these market conditions. DYODD

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