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Trading Post (early edition)

Dorato Resources UNCH at $0.75, and hey wow!, look what turned up on Canadian Insider this morning.

Feb 05/09 Feb 05/09 Bedoya, Jorge Arturo Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 – Disposition in the public market -35,000 $0.750
Expect more of this kind of “animals (ahem) leaving sinking ships” action, dudettes and dudes.

Southern Copper (PCU) up 5% at $15.91. Along with its sister FCX (up 4.6%) enjoying the small pop in spot copper this morning. Apparently market maevens say things are getting better in China. Otto sez these maevens should read Brad Setser more often.

Exeter Resources (XRA) down 10.8% at U$2.09 on raised (though not heavy) volume. Otto hopes that those who sell today will learn from today’s market lesson.

Nadagold (NG) down 6% at $3.48 and my short position taken yesterday starts off on the right foot. No reason to cover yet….gonna ride this flea-ridden dog down some more.

Cosan (CZZ) up 5.75% at $3.64, a nice pop on the bullish atmosphere for sugar. I own. I very like.

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) up 3% at $0.98 and a full 18% from yesterday morning’s trading buy reco right here at IKN. I nailed the call but personally didn’t get to fish any at my allotted price. Let’s mark this one down as a moral victory, eh?

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