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Trading Post (edition)

Dynasty Metals (DMM.to) up 15% on very good volumes. Do I have your attention yet? By the way, I’m long as from today.

Corriente (CTQ.to) (ETQ) up 5.25% at $3.81 and also doing very nicely volume-wise. Ecuador is suddenly the market’s new best friend? Go figure……..

Nice to see Vena Resources (VEM.to) popping back after drifting lower recently. The malaise in the whole market sees these things sell off til suddenly a bit of common sense prevails. I say “a bit” of sense, because this thing is worth multiples more than its current PPS. Remember I’m biased, as VEM is a site sponsor. But remember I only allow good companies on board here.

Exeter Resources (XRC.to) (XRA) down 6.6% and selling off further today. Here’s comes Otto and his annoying “toldya so” again. While this stock price starts with a ‘1’ don’t even look at it. Way overhyped.

I’m still following ECH the Chilean ETF pretty closely. At $27 and bits today and the news that Chile “enjoyed” negative inflation for November is a new ingredient into the mix (though not really unexpected, given that Chile imports so much of its energy needs). ECH is basically a currency play on Chile, so any dollar weakness will benefit it greatly. On the radar. The volume is always low in this thing, and that’s a negative to take into account.

Jaguar Mining (JAG) at $2.14 is back in the buy range here. I’ll be looking to add to my reduced position at these prices. If I do take the plunge (and it’s very likely) it’ll be my second buy of the day……. a long time since I did that. I like this stock at this price…a lot.

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