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Trading Post (end the week edition)

Talisman Energy (TLM.to) up 2% at $11.93. The Peruvian supreme court (equivalent) handed down an important ruling today that stops TLM, along with Petrobras and Repsol, from exploring an area of jungle known as Lot 103 until the companies provide detailed explanations about how they will safeguard and ensure the non-pollution of water supplies.

Troy Resources (TRY.to) up 5% at $1.05. Volumes are tiny again. Even though gold doesn’t know which way it wants to run and the whole sector is nervy, TRY refuses to let me buy more at under $1. So be it, got plenty already.

Petaquilla Minerals (PTQ.to) down 2.5% at $0.39. I’m not joking, these criminals refuse to pay the $1m fine imposed on them by Panama’s enviro agency, ANAM. Now remember this is the very same agency PTQ.to has to speak with to get the permits it needs to operate. Amazingly, not a word of this has reached the English media. Jeesh, this story needs more coverage than my poxy little blog. Sometimes I wonder if Canadian mining journalists are just plain lazy, or whether they have some kind of unwritten “oh we can’t talk bad about miners” thing going on.

Gold Reserve (GRZ) down 1% at $0.585. Doug Belanger was at the BMO conference in Miami this week. Amazingly enough he didn’t change the habit of a decade and continue on to Venezuela afterwards. I mean, why should a CEO ever visit his only asset anyway? So here we are with the GRZ share price cut in half since the Rusoro bid was knocked back. How are you feeling, oh loyal shareholders? HAH!

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