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Trading Post (Enthuse your cubism edition)

Rio Alto Mining (RIO.v) up 11.4% at $0.78. Attentive market watchers would have noticed elevated volumes in this stock the last few days, coming just before this chunk of very good news in the stock. IKN will have more on RIO tomorrow morning, so watch this space.

Freeport (FCX) up 2.5% at U$65.93. Now you guys following junior intraday trading worry about whether $3/lb Cu is a good thing or a bad thing. Ask Adkerson and you’ll hear a very simple answer.

Nautilus Minerals (NUS.to) down 9.3% at $1.76. I’ve said all there is to say about the blatant fraud going on around this stock, instigated by the treacherous Porter Stansberry and with full cahoots of the management at NUS. So I’ll just leave it to our friend owly to comment on today’s drop:

People that deserve to be in jail, NUS.to edition. True example of market scum.

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