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Trading Post (getting back in the swing edition)

Dunno ’bout you, but I always find it takes time to get back up to speed with the market and get the feel after a few days away. So one cardinal rule is “no trading on the first day back”.

Greystar (GSL.to) up 3% at $2.78 and halted. I note it moved up even further these last few days. Let’s see if the next PR has the word “Kinross” anywhere. Maybe yes, maybe no. In the end a placement is more likely, esp. after this run-up.

GG up 5% at $29.58 and threatening to break the $30 mark. I remember that Biiwii Gary likes this bigcap gold a lot from here. Spot gold helping the world right now.

DMM.to down 1.4% at $4.11. The $10m bought deal placement (2.5m shares @ $4) announced a couple of days ago will dampen any PPS upmoves for the time being for sure. Interesting time to raise capital, too. Maybe Washer is thinking of fast-tracking the so-far greenfield Jerusalem deal.

FCX up 9.3% at $27.51. I’m happy that FCX proved the SinkingAlpha crowd wrong. Now up 50% since it got “sell” slapped on it by a slaphead. More fool you for believing the crap written over there.

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