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Trading Post (gratitude edition)

Troy Resources (TRY.to) up 7% at $1.07. Thank you to the sheep-like retail brokerage cannonfodder dumbass who wrote to me yesterday and reminded me that I’m “only”27% up in my largest single position so far this year. Wow, my heart was ripped apart by that news. Let’s be clear here; TRY.to is still my top pick and when i put a 12 month target on a stock it means just that; 12 months. DYODD

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) down 2.4% at $0.82. Thank you to the dumbasses who sold this down to 80c this morning and allowing me to buy at that price. If you want to know how many days you’ll need before severely regretting having sold at these prices, allow me to enlighten you; Nineteen.

Exeter Resources (XRC.v) down 3% at $3.53 after trading up at $3.87 this morning. Thank you to the wiser amongst you that are finally…FINALLY beginning to realize that the houses have been feeding you hot air and there will never be a mine built on top of this pink elephant. In the words of Bruce Willis, “Zed’s dead, baby….Zed’s dead.”

Fronteer Resources (FRG) (FRG.to) up 7.2% at CAD$2.99 and very impressive 3.4m shares traded in Toronto. Thank you to the market in general for recognizing a great metallurgy news release. Normally these vital PRs are ignored by the world but this one today got the props it deserved. FRG is now my third largest position in the trading port, behind TRY.to and DMM.to. The NOBS report is still fresh and still available, by the way. Details here.

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