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Trading Post (head above the parapet edition)

Is it safe to come out yet? It’d be nice to believe that today’s GreenScreen is the start of a more pleasant period for equities but let’s not jump the gun, as today may turn out to be a small verdant oasis sitting amongst a sea of smelly gunk. Still, let’s enjoy saying nice things about nice stocks for a day.

Antares Minerals (ANM.v) up 5.8% at $2.36. Was this really trading as low as $2.02 just three sessions ago? Seems like another epoch. Casey subbers will be happy with this move, as it now only has another 17.8% to move up before they’re back to neutral on the stock.

Rio Alto Mining (RIO.v) up 4.1% at $0.77. This stock has weathered the last couple of weeks far better than most junior goldies, perhaps because it’s already secured the necessary moolah to bring its near-term project to production. If gold hangs around at $1.2k it’ll be a serious cash cow, as the number work just fine at $1,000/oz. DYODD.

Dorato Resources (DRI.v) down 4.7% at $0.82 on tiny volume and the Cardero Crew deciding not to join in the party. One would have thought that a decent gold exploration company might have little problem in attracting a rebound on renewed sector interest today. Whatever could be holding this company back?

AuEx Ventures (XAU.to) up 4.4% at $3.33 and back to the price printed at last Friday’s close. note to subbers; I’m trying to do what I want to do here, but the piddly volume is making things sticky so patience is being applied.

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