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Trading Post (I like a laugh edition)

Well, two choices here. I can give it the “OW! OW! OWWW!!! Mommy stop it moving I wanna get off” blow by masochistic, navel-gazing blow to our favoured stocks or I can just ignore all the bad stuff and laugh at the dogs that are also getting beaten to a pulp.

I choose laughter.

ECU Silver (ECU.to) down 6.5% at $0.58…HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA! Remember that $0.90 printed on June 2nd?? What dumbass bought that block???

Nadagold (NG) down 8.4% at $4.24…that’s a mere 14% in three trading sessions…..my sides hurt, stoppit stoppit!

Oroco Resource (OCO.v) down 17.5% at 0.165. Was it you that bought this PoS at 25c on the advice of that German IR pusher getting paid thousands by the company to write BS about this dog? How you feeling now, stooopid?

Colossus Minerals (CSI.to) down 6.5% at $2.46. HEHEHEHEEHHEEEEEEEEEE!!! 24% since last week!! HAHAHAHAAHHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA..

Jeesh, waddya want from me, neutrality?

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