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Trading Post II (just for the helluvit edition)

A second look around the market today? Yeah, why not. It’s Friday after all.

Queenston Mining (QMI.to) up 10% at $3.15. This isn’t my geographical area, I know absolutely nothing about the company or the stock. However two things to mention. Firstly, it’s a name that passed my desk today as one of the many tips, hints, leads etc that goes around. This isn’t anything new and I don’t think there’s much to read into it. Just an example of the rumourmill in operation. In fact i wouldn’t have even mentioned it here if it weren’t for the second reason for posting, namely the wonderful but wonderful name of its main project, Upper Beaver. So if you fancy getting upper beaver this week, have a closer look 🙂

Troy Resources (TRY.to) up 13% at $0.95. Here below is a mail I wrote by way of reply to A.N Other about Troy just yesterday morning (and here’s a link to the news mentioned in the mail). It’s still not too late to get the TRY.to report. It’ll cost you just U$10 and make you that back multiple times over, scout’s honour. This thing gonna make us all money. Find out more about the report here (and get ordering your copy, dudette/dude).


“…. the TRY news isn’t really understood by many, but the costs savings in FY09 will be just as important as the cash flow. You saw that TRY has hedged Sandstone Fy09 production at A$900 via puts I presume? Smart thinking imho.

Another aspect of this is the way they care about workforce. A clear message from the company is that they’re just as happy about extending Sandstone to keep 60 people in jobs as they are about the revenues. That’s truly my kind of mining company, an attitude that pays LT dividends to those on board.

Petquilla Minerals (PTQ.to) down 5% at $0.38. On a day that gold jumps 5%, too. What does that tell you about the quality (or lack of) offered by this dog? The quicker it goes bankrupt the better everyone. This miner gives mining a bad name; isn’t it about time the mining community opened up a bit and pointed its fingers at the bad apples amongst them?

Cosan (CZZ) down 4% at $2.95. This is the part of my portfolio that sucks today. There’s always one, isn’t there? Check out this Bloomie report for a Brazil commods sector overview that gives (me at least) something to hang onto while swallowing market action.

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