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Trading Post (investing is easy edition)

Pick ten exploration-stage junior miners, any ones you like. It doesn’t matter if they have good assets or bad, whether they’re about to go into production or whether there isn’t a hope in hell of a mine getting built on top of the resource. It doesn’t matter if they’re run by thieves or straightshooters, sinners or saints. It makes no odds whether they have a ton of cash or if they’re down to their last bean and about to drown you in a dilutive placement. Hell, this game is so easy that you don’t even need to understand a thing about mining, or accountancy or geology or metallurgy. Just find the stocks that shout the loudest and get the sheep salivating and buy some of their stock.

However, if that scenario doesn’t appeal and you’d prefer to follow stocks that have a solid background and won’t suddenly surprise you by going bankrupt or something, here are the names of three junior mining companies with good people in charge, good mining operations and good financials…the only problem is that it takes time for the blind to grope around before they get discovered:

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) up 3.5% at $0.90 and on big traded volume of 1.2m and counting. But screw that…why pay o.6X of NAV for a profitable silver miner when I can pay 1.2X NAV for a gold explorer that won’t mine an ounce in the next five years?

Troy Resources (TRY.to) UNCH at $1.13 and untraded today. Who gives a damn about fundamental value anyway?

Minera Andes (MAI.to) up 5% at $0.84. Rob Mac Who? Never heard of him…better to place my money in a company with a CEO who quit his job as an IR manager two years ago and now pays himself $120,000 a year plus options and exes.

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