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Trading Post (it had to happen edition)

For the record, sold the rest of the GLD this morning and tried but failed to sell some of the JAG (no volume to speak of and I was late to the gun). The reason? While goldbugs shake their fists at the world and blame the PTB for today’s suppression tactics, Otto meekly points over to the three month T-bill and notes how yields loosen, then exits stage left* on his winning gold position. Thus Otto’s only ST position now is JAG. The rest is cash. I like cash. Cash is good.

Colossus Minerals (CSI.to) released news on its drill program at Serra Pelada today. The stock is now 17% down. Nuff said. Word has it that The Albatross told them where they should stick the diamond drills (note one badly drilled hole and others that failed to sparkle compared to previous pre-Albatross efforts). More word has it that Ari is telling Albatross where he should have stuck ’em (and I ain’t talking in the ground in Brazil, either).

Petaquilla Minerals (PTQ.to) down 12% at $0.51. PTQ was subject of serious insider buying on Nov 19th and 21st, but since then all has gone quiet. The CEO Fifer can be trusted as far as thrown, so watch out for last minute tape-painting on low volumes. Avoid this stock. I mean, do you want a gold miner run by a corrupt local politico that promises 100,000oz Au per year and doesn’t even bother to do a feasibility study? Nah, me neither.

The copper sisters rallying. PCU and FCX both up a point after dropping earlier. Looking strong, girls.

Kinross (K.to) (KGC) down 7% at U$13.23. Is it time to start buying these things on weakness? It’s starting to get tempting, but being the whuss that I am i’ll sit it out a while longer. Gotta say I’ve been impressed by the action in “K” these last few days.

*whatever happened to Snagglepuss anyway?

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