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Trading Post (laugh at the dumbasses edition)

I was sent this today. I’ve read it seven times so far and still don’t know what it means.

2009-11-20 17:30 ET – In the News: International Speculator in its Nov. 2, 2009, issue, refreshes its buy of AuEx Ventures Inc. at $3.05, officially, “Buy under C$2.50.” The newsletter said buy five times between June 1, 2006, and Oct. 3, 2008, at prices ranging from $1.32 to $2.11. He then said sell — perhaps half — on March 2, 2009, at $2.58. Assuming an investment of $1,000 for each of the five buys, selling half of the $5,000 investment at $2.58 yielded a profit of $1,125. He then said buy on Oct. 1, 2009, at $2.85. Assuming another $1,000 investment, and taking into consideration the remaining $2,500 investment after the March 2, 2009, half sale, the Speculator’s total $3,500 investment is worth $5,341. The writer comments that AuEx has a lot more going for it than the Long Canyon project in Nevada, but that is the star of this show. The “buy under $2.50” stipulation raises the question that with a double in the cards, he may confuse subscribers. He meets this issue head on, saying that if he were not already long, he might just buy at or close to market. However, with profits already taken, “It takes an extra appealing price to get us to take on new risk.” He then adds (on the other hand), “Make no mistake, this is one of our favorite picks.”
Jeesh, that Louis James is one serious dumbass of a writer, but gotta say that if he is reco’ing XAU.to (and i think he is…though it does look like he’s in the process of writing calls on it til the $2.50 comes around…or not…damn, i’m confused again) he’s picked a fair vehicle. We had news on XAU.to in the Weekly yesterday and it was all good. All good.

AuEx Ventures (XAU.to) up 2.4%
at $2.99. Stop clocks and all that jazz.

Dorato Resources (DRI.v) down 7.2% at $0.90. O RLY?

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) up 3.7% at $2.23 and was as high as $2.35 at the bell this morning because Jim Dines rec’d it to his flock again over the weekend and they all had to pile on at exactly the same time, didn’t they? Dumbasses.

ECU Silver (ECU.to) down 1.3% at $0.79. Talking of dumbasses………

MAG Silver (MVG) (MAG.to) up 3% at U$5.70. Dumbass mgmt will get more than it deserves here.

Radius Gold (RDU.v) down 6.3% at $0.225. If you sold this today you’re a dumbass.

TheNewCrystallex (EC.v) down 3.6% at $0.81. It’s a little-known fact, but the word ‘dumbass’ was specifically created for people who actually think this company is going to get drill permits for its Zarza project.

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