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Trading Post (lentejas si la quieres las tomas y si no las dejas edition)

Gammon Gold (GRS) (GAM.to) down 2.6% at U$6.03. I laughed when I saw GAM getting bot to $6.20 or so yesterday on the back of its results. Why so? Well, cos when I plugged the numbers into the model and then ran the forecast of what it could make by running Ocampo only in 3q10 and beyond, the PE sucks. Kool-Aid served here by the shepherds in the Canadian houses.

Jaguar Mining (JAG) down 7.0% at U$5.87. All that needs to be said on this PoS was said yesterday. Untouchable and untrustable.

Medoro Resources (MRS.v) down a penny at $2.04 on low volumes. After the reverse stock split hype saw this dog jump a few points, ennui has set in again. Hey, is the market finally hearing about this company’s significant social problems at both Frontino AND Marmato? It’s about time that news filtered thru……

Rio Alto Mining (RIO.v) up 5.9% at $0.90. There must be a reason why RIO is bucking the downtrend today. Whatever could it be…………?

TheNewCrystallex (EC.v) UNCH at 15c and even though one of the chief EC.v bullshitters and hatemailers sent me a few bytesworth of his bile last weekend, he still didn’t have the guts to apologize. However, your humble scribe may have scared him by writing back and telling him a few things about himself that he didn’t know I knew. For example his bullboard handle. Strange how the cowards tend to STFU when discovered, innit? Why people think they can remain anonymous on the interwebnetpipes is totally beyond me. The rule for staying anon is not to piss people off that know how back offices work.

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