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Trading Post (lentils for lunch edition)

Golly gee whizz, is it nearly a week since the last Trading Post? I had no idea time was slipping by, so by poppylar request here we go:
B2Gold (BTO.to) down 3.3% at $1.74 and has been whupped down from its $1.90+ numbers of the previous fortnight. We’ll be taking time out and talking about the trading patterns in BTO in IKN71, out Sunday.
Constitution Mining (CMIN.ob) down 10% at $0.62 and the scam begins to move towards its real value. Nothing.
Gold-Ore Resources (GOZ.to) up 1.6% at $0.65 on decent volumes and bucking the general downtrend today. This is likely due to being pumped by a man who should be writing his prose from inside a prison cell, Thom “Never-Met-A-Junior-I-Didn’t-Like” Calandra.
Fortuna Silver (FVI.to) up 3 pennies at $2.66. FVI got whacked yesterday down as low at $2.56 on some kind of reachdown, but the deep bargain prices didn’t last for long. Now simply trading at a bargain price.
Antares Minerals (ANM.v) down 3.6% at $3.78. This star-performing copper junior saw a $4-handle for a while yesterday and early this morning, but nothing goes up in a straight line and ANM has decided to correct along with the most of the market. ANM mgmt is currently marketing in the UK, trying to rustle up some Limey dough probably.
Scammon Gold (GRS) down 3.0% at U$6.70. Worth much less.

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