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Trading Post (manic Monday edition)

B2Gold (BTO.to) up 9.1% at $1.91 and if it moves like this on a missed quarter, what would it do if it ever got its act together? Traded volume at 1.3m now, a touch above average.

Antares (ANM.v) up 6.5% at $3.27, You know it’s true.

Oceanagold (OGC.to) up 3.9% at $2.90. The subject of yesterday’s featured fundy report is rebounding after a few days of fading, thanks to the move up in gold.

Gold-Ore (GOZ.to) UNCH at $0.53. Friday’s news from GOZ has weighed slightly on this stock, at least in the shorter term.

TheNewCrystallex (EC.v) up 25% at $0.175. You gringos never cease to make me laugh. Two NRs from EC today, both hilarious, deceptive and made for suckers. Of all the guff, that YES/NO table 2/3rds the way down the Zarza duster release was the top guffaw generator. It was kinda, “Yeah well….we got exactly the same as FDN on our patch….errrr…except for….err tiny little detail…..errrr….no gold.” So just climb on board and get a taste of the EC experience firsthand, greenhorns.

ECU Silver (ECU.to) UNCH at $0.63. After its horrid quarter just reported I thought this would trade lower today, but here i am mistaken again. It must be that Mexico Mike guy adding more to his already über-underwater position. Oh sorry, let’s re-phrase that. It must be that Mexico Mike guy taking full advantage of these wonderful prices and averaging down, thusly upholding his totally non-disgraceful reputation amongst the mining community.

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