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Trading Post (message to Marcos edition)

Marcos: She’s five and also the number one, not number two 😉

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) down 9.6% at $0.85 and strong volume. Is that all you got, Duggieboy? It was at 81 earlier and now recovering four clicks? You guys are slipping, so maybe shrilling “strong sell!!!” mañana in one of your 2 dozen other rags is a plan. FWIW I picked a some up at $0.82. I’m going a little too far into my cash reserve but this price is a knock-down bargain. If anyone out there wants a decent report on FVI and not some BS cooked up by people with ulterior motives, check out this link from back in February.

Capella Resources (KPS.v) UNCH at $0.57 and with the magnificent total of seven hundred and sixty-five shares traded. Those Senergy guys really doing great things for the stock, no? As a reminder as to why you should avoid this scam like the veritable plague, here are all the details.

Gold Hawk (CGK.v) up 0.5c at $0.045 and bits of volume, too. If it drops it’s likely to rise back to this level again, so maybe a short-term flip vehicle here. My back-of-envelope says it’s worth 8c if all the company plans fall into line correctly and they get funding and get back to work. However a lot depends on the smallprint of any eventual deal, so we’re still in the high risk world of pennycrappers, be in no doubt. Good people on the BoD, and that’s worth its own weight. DYODD.

Fronteer (FRG) up 4.5% at $2.10 and recovering well from yesterday’s selloff. Nice to have the latent threat of a forced sale removed by today’s action as the market recognized the deep discount on offer. I own, I hold, I’m happy to do both. DYODD.

Guyana Goldfields (GUY.to) down 2.35% at $2.91. That was Mobius via his Templeton fund buying in big chunks yesterday, by the way. This is a stock I need to revisit and look at carefully, as I’ve heard more than one person talking pretty about it recently.

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