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Trading Post (Monday funday edition)

Amerigo Resources (ARG.to) up 9.1% at $0.54 on good volume and was at 57c earlier, the kind of movement that shouts “we got reco’d by a newsletter this morning” as the itchyfigners all piled on at the same time. Anybody know which one it was?

Dynasty (DMM.to) up 1.8% at $3.63, but nicer than the % gain is the good volume this morning as the stock catches a couple of decent bids. We very like. DYODD dude.

Citigroup (C) down 4.8% at $2.60. Inspired by the Jon Stewart story I took a detour this morning and sniffed around the US side of life. When checking the big board I couldn’t help thinking that it’s weird as hell to talk about an economic recovery and all-round illusory bull market while C is under $3 a pop. Yep I know it went under a buck for a while back there, but all the same…..this a healthy reflection on the future of the US economy? Get real.

Guyana Goldfields (GUY.to) up 2.8% at $3.70 on lowish volumes, but your humble correspondent has noted an upturn in the level of noise around this stock recently. IKN Weekly subscribers received a flash update with info on GUY this morning.
Southern Copper (PCU) down 0.8% at $25.42 and Freeport (FCX) UNCH at $59.81. We haven’t checked in on the copper sisters for a while, so here’s the three month comparative chart for the stocks that shows….

…both performing very nicely. This is why PCU is in my long term portfolio. This is why I never touch the long term portfolio.

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