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Trading Post (nervous Alu edition)

When Alcoa (AA) reports after the bell, forget the headline number. Forget the breakdown numbers, too. The thing that matters is the conference call as Alcoa management have never been afraid of telling it like it is. I’ll be listening in.

Dynasty (DMM.to) up 3.2% at $4.83. She goes up, she goes down, she goes up, she goes down. However with the sparkling fundies behind this stock it’s very easy to hold thru the beta ride.

Freeport (FCX) down 1.4% at $41.17. My now open short position was in the negative column all day until very recently. It’s at least a nice way of hedging the long metals positions held and at best might still toss a short term winner over this way. DYODD.

Ventana Gold (VEN.to) down 4.7% at $1.41. I mentioned the other day that it looks like it has peaked and recent action has gone a way to confirm this view. Nice looking project and good management, but in the end everything has a price. Certainly one to watch going forward.

Cosan (CZZ) up 13.5% at $4.69. So I made a buck and sold the stock and left a buck 20 on the table. DOH! I’m still not worried as I made my money on the play. However I was very pleased to find out today that at least one reader of this humble corner of cyberspace followed me in at the $2.50 level and (not being a whuss like yours truly) has held all the way up so far. Kudos to you, reader AC.

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