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Trading Post (no euphoria edition)

Considering gold is holding above $1,040/oz and silver’s $17.44 too, there’s hardly an air of To Da Moon Alice amongst the rockbreakers. Mostly green for sure and some nice winners, but a fair smattering of red splodges on the radar, too.

ATW gold (ATW.v) down 29.7% at $0.26. What else did you expect?

Crown Point Ventures (CWV.v) UNCH at $0.70 with moderate volumes traded at that price. Still way under the radar, which is the way I like ’em. Extremely addable.

Vena Resources (VEM.to) up 4.2% at $0.37 on low volumes. There shouldn’t be much longer to wait for decent newsflow now. Never an exact science, but we’re overdue good news here methinks.

Dynasty Metals (DMM.to) up 1.4% at $3.70. I got a mail from a reader asking on this one. The answer is “yes, it’s still one of my top picks for the year, definitely”. PolRisk misunderstood on your side of the Darien Gap. Fundamentals compelling. I own, I adore, I hold for the higher prices to come. Nuff said, DYODD.

Ecometals (EC.v) down 7% at $0.40. What was that I heard about the government conceding two sensitive and non-exploited regions to the indigenous that will never be developed by miners? Could one be around Zarza? Is that why EC.v still hasn’t received the exploration permit that McMullan&Co promised the sheep by the end of August? So many questions, so much uncertainty…Hey I know! Why don’t you ask the EC.v IR dep’t, dudes? I mean, they’ve never pulled the wool over your eyes before, have they?

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