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Trading Post (otto wrong again edition)

Before the bell this morning I dabbled with a bit of chart mumbojumbo and ventured to say that “most likely scenario is the Dollar upping and gold downing”. WRONGO! Gold has risen five quiet bucks to $842/oz and USD is down half a tick at 81.50. I’m once again reminded to stick to my little LatAm corner and not to mess in the big boys’ playground. So keeping my eyes firmly fixed on this side of the Rio Grande………..

Corriente Resource (CTQ.to) up a very smart 13% at $3.99, all on the back of this good-looking press release today. Apparently CTQ.to is sitting down and talking real turkey with one possible buyer (of Chinese nationality). The two sides have agreed on an exclusive timeframe until March 2009, so maybe rushing to buy right now isn’t the smartest move. But a win is a win, today’s PR is wholly positive and CTQ.to is controller of a serious serious amount of in situ copper. Not surprising the stock popped on today’s news

Gold Reserve (GRZ) isn’t messing about with the Russky lowball offers; instead of just saying “don’t agree” to its shareholders, Belanger&Co has slapped a lawsuit on the tush of RML.v and the IR firm both companies share (here’s the Reuters version). This story has plenty of legs, it seems. The market can’t really work out if this is good or bad, as GRZ was up in the morning on the news but has now sold back and is UNCH at $0.58. Gotta love KM88!!

Jaguar Mining (JAG) up 10.7% at $3.10…and I sold at $2.63….DOH! I still think this is a great way to get leverage on gold. The company has lagged its own projections and development timescale, but it does have serious ounces in situ. And it does produce gold. And it’s not folding and dying on us any time soon. DYODD, dude…definitely worth a good look at the underlying numbers at these prices, even though i sold too soon personally.

Cosan (CZZ) up 4% at $2.88. I have some good analysis in English done by one of the bigger Brazilian banks about yesterday’s quarterly results and conference call. If you’d like a free copy of these PDFs, drop me a line at the usual mail address.

Gold Resource (GORO.ob) up 1.4% and still fiddling around just under $3. My offer of the NOBS report on this company is still open (just a couple of takers so far). If you’d like to get the inside track on GORO.ob and also find out what the company is capable of revenues-wise, the report is just $10 away. The address is otto.rock1 (at) gmail (dot) com.

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