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Trading Post (Pachakuti edition)

This must be that parallel universe they’ve always said existed and we slipped through a wormhole in the time/space continuum without noticing. Ready for this headline coming to a newspaper near you in 2010?

“Nobel Peace Prize Winner Increases Afghanistan Attack Troops by 40,000”
The London Times got it right with its commentary today that finishes with the terse but utterly correct sentence “The achievements of all previous winners have been diminished”. However justified (or not) be the cause, you cannot be the Commander in Chief of an army that uses live rounds on people and be the world champion of peace. Period.

ATW gold (ATW.v) up 9.6% at $0.23. Dead cat bounce. This could be the funniest bullboard post of the year…me made laugh, anyway, especially the bit about expecting apologies from the showmen pumpers who don’t give a rat’s ass about retail. Thanks to reader “D” for the headsup.

Strathmore (STM.v) up 3.2% at $0.65 and the winners of “stupid IR decision of the month”. It seems STM hired Peter Grandich as their IR pump-artist on October 5th, just two days before the Grandich 2009 numero uno mega-pump vehicle, ATW.v, did its final swandive on the abysmal news. STM should dump this paid shiller immediately before it gets spattered by the bloodied roadkill that was Grandich’s reputation. These people have no shame whatsoever.

Minera Andes (MAI.to) down a penny at 69c and trading like a dog. This was the subject of a Flash update to subscribers yesterday and will get further discussion in IKN24 on Sunday.

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) down 5.5% at $1.56 and having a soft finish to a good week. This can be said for many miners out there today so let’s just use FVI as the example.

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