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Trading Post (peripheral vision edition)

IKN welcomes today’s multiple visits from a company known as “Goodman & Co Investment Council“…..now what on earth have they found interesting at IKN all of a sudden? 🙂

Riverside Resources (RRI.v) up 13% at $0.87 and on a real zoom recently, probably due to the deals it’s struck with Cliff’s. Good to see nice guys winning, JMS.

Focus Ventures (FCV.v) up 4.4% at $0.47. Wabbit season!

Minera Andes (MAI.to) up a penny at $0.88. This humble scribe owns and is looking for a place to sell in order to rack up a short-term trading gain. Nicely in the green here but going to try and wait for 90c+ prices before ringing the register. DYODD, dude.

Continental Gold (CNL.to) up 4.5% at $5.80 and ‘Son Of Colossus’ is the Canuck trading desks’ tennis ball du jour, with plenty of volume and opinion coming from this NR before the bell (the stock was halted on this yesterday, too). Some point to the knockout grades reported, others to the possible weakness of true vein width. Personally it’s really easy to leave this stock alone and watch from the neutral corner, with neither the country nor the team making appeal.

Extorre (XG.to) up 5.5% at $3.87 and has been on an offensively good run recently. Yale knows how to push them buttons, doesn’t he?

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