Thy sin’s not accidental

Trading Post (polyunsaturated edition)

Copper Fox (CUU.v) up 5.1% at 82c and its NR today reeks of retail promo bullshit. I mean, what other reason can there be for line after line of redflaggable “oh look, we got visible mineralization in the drillcores” before the assay grades are known? We’ve seen this movie before, they don’t have happy endings. Take your profits, specplayers.

Carpathian (CPN.to) up 9.1% at $0.54 on very strong volumes and reacting today to the GBU news. CPN is one we tried and failed at earlier in the year over at The IKN Weekly, with the recent strong upmove coming after we gave up on the position. so be it, can’t get ’em all and it’s one of the things about running a recos list that’s limited to 15 names at any given time. Too easy to cover 150 stocks with buy recos and claim selected victories later, isn’t it Mr. Galland?
Antares Minerals (ANM.v) up 5.3% at $4.01 and that four handle really suits this stock, methinks. ANM will go higher before it’s sold to a major…a lot higher. IKN Weekly reader know the author’s target price and we also know John Black did a good talkinhead job yesterday.
Gold-Ore Resources (GOZ.to) UNCH at $0.72 and was 75c earlier in the day. Yeah, it was 75c earlier in the day. Like….75c. On good, liquid volumes, too. Just sayin’.

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