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Trading Post (profit taking edition)

I’m taking half profits on Dynasty Metals (DMM.to), currently up 23% at $4.08. This isn’t because I’ve stopped believing in the company, this is just personal portfolio management. We recommended at it $1.22, my average position is $1.45, it’s time to bank some of that. The rest can ride and I hope I’m proved wrong by selling 50% too early. Ka-Ching!

I’m also taking half profits on Cosan (CZZ) down 7.7% at $3.74. Again, the rest can ride. Again, I like this stock going forward. Again, I want cash in the a/c. I know I said I’d hold this for at least three months, but I’m fickle. Ok?

(Ottonote: eleven uses of the word “I” in the first two paragraphs. Ouch…how self-centred?)

Troy Resources (TRY.to) up a spot or two at $0.87. I managed to get some yesterday and I’m probably going to rotate some of the DMM money into TRY today.

And now the pitch: The NOBS report on Dynasty Metals published December 2nd 2008 has so far registered a 234% profit. It might be a little late for the big gains on DMM.to but I am equally bullish on the prospects for Troy Resources (TRY.to) and firmly believe the stock is capable of the same type of upward share price move as DMM (the DMM.to report is still available, by the way).

The NOBS report on TRY.to dated December 28th is still available, its price just U$10 payable by PayPal. So far 31 people have bought the report, details of which you can find on this link. If you’re interested in finding out more about TRY.to and why I believe it to be a winning investment you can contact me at this address….

otto.rock1 (AT) gmail (DOT) com
……which is the same address as my PayPal account. If you deposit U$10 at this address you’ll receive your report immediately. But if you’d like to enquire first, feel free to write and I’ll answer any query you might have.

Let’s make some more money together in 2009. It’s started well for sure.

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