Take physic, pomp

Trading Post (punk rock classic edition)


London calling, yeah, I was there, too
An you know what they said? well, some of it was true!
London calling at the top of the dial
After all this, wont you give me a smile?
The Clash, London Calling, 1979
Highly recommended is this article on Gold from Jon Nadler yesterday. Apart from the slightly jokey Aprilfool type title, the contents are spot on about gold, inflation and all those big things that you guys up there love to worry about.

Southern Copper (PCU) up 7.5% at U$19.38 and was up higher earlier. I never touch my longterm portfolio holdings, it’s a matter of previously stated conviction. However I was sorely sorely tempted to sell a few PCU this morning (it’s my largest equity position in the LT port) on the back of the HopeFest and the news that Grupo Mexico has upped their stake in PCU to 80% (here’s Reuters). However, I resisted the temptation.

Cosan (CZZ) up 10% at $2.64. I’m still holding and now in the profitzone. Always said it’d be a wild ride. I was right.

Exeter Resources (XRC.v) (XRA) down 7% at C$3.73. By Casey’s will it shalt be done.

Minera Andes (MAI.to) down 3% at $0.63 and got whacked yesterday after the YE results were posted. Silly sales really, but the reaction wasn’t unexpected. I mean, whoever bothers to look further than the headline numbers these days? Fundamentals? Nah, complete waste of time…

Well hear this, people; MAI.to is now a raging short term buy. Pick some up today at 63 and 64c, and sell ’em next week to the New Yorkers who are gathering at the Yale Yacht Club to hear Rob McEwen speak at their luncheon next week. The target is an easily gettable C$0.74, offering us a 17% potential gain. For the record, I just bot a few at 63c…..Ohhhhh Winthorp!


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