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Trading Post (red only edition)

Chariot Resources (CHD.to) down 8.6% at $0.265. Did I really see this trading at $0.31 this morning? The pop it got yesterday was from already-out-news…always a risky thing. As for copper in general, BiiWii Gary now informs me that I’m his new contrary indicator…hah de hah hah haaar, dude 😉

Rusoro (RML.v) down 11% at $0.445 and it sank today because……..? It’s getting frustrating holding this thing, gotta say.

Nadagold (NG) down 7.4% at U$4.63. Don’t mind if I giggle at the fool who mailed me this morning and talked about how it was about to go to da moon alice, do you? Biggest heap of overpriced junk on the market being squeezed for every penny by a bunch of self-serving insiders. It drops another 50% and it’s still overpriced. For sheep only.

Colossus Mineral (CSI.to) down 3.9% at $2.93. Talking of overpriced, is the message about dubious assets finally getting through here? There was a large round of apathy about the last drill results despite Can’o’corn pumping for all it was worth.

Minera Andes (MAI.to) down 7.1% at $0.91, which is a bit disappointing. It wudda bin gud to see the thing consolidate its rapid gains over the last couple of sessions, but too many taking any price today. Humph. It’s worth more, that I know. My Casio told me, y’see.

Dynasty (DMM.to) down 2.5% at $3.88 and the one place that really tempts me to add right now. A lot of talk about how the new MEM guy in Ecuador is a hardliner…..it’s got 0% to do with the mining sector, dudes. Being fed a line by English media channels time and time again? Believing them time and time again?

UPDATE: My kinda investor picks solid stocks for the long haul (and is thinking of other people, too). Reader MP sent me this today…he’s got the right idea.

Agree with you on DMM. Bought some today for my godchild’s trust account. I even reviewed the May Presentation from the website to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

UPDATE 2: Gawd how I suffer for being an Argentina fan.

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